Where do I get a parking pass?

Click here! You will log in with your NetID and password via the Rutgers SSO to buy a permit.

The Rutgers University Department of Transportation Services now uses license plate recognition technology that captures and reads a vehicle license plate to confirm that the vehicle is registered and has permission to park on certain lots on campus. Physical hangtags and decals will no longer be distributed.

Parking permits came out sometime during the middle of August. Space is limited, so it is first come, first serve. Cost may vary depending on campus, lot type, and permit duration.

How do I know where and when I can park?

Where you can park depends on your commuter zone or type of permit. Each permit lets you park in certain lots of every campus. Check out which lots you can park on here!

You can park in any of the lots listed under your permit on weekends. These lots are available all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Parking rules and regulations vary for Winter/Summer sessions. Find out more here.

How can I find a parking lot near where I need to go?

Use the Rutgers University Map to find a parking lot near any location at Rutgers! You can find walking, driving, bus, and transit distance from any location.

How do I get the student discount if I am commuting by NJ Transit?

Find out here!

How do I pay for a parking ticket?

Parking tickets can be paid in 3 ways: online, by mail and in person.

  • If paying online, click here. Rutgers accepts a credit card (Visa, Discover, Mastercard)
  • If mailing, send a check or money order directly payable to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. It should be addressed to the Department of Transportation Services. Mail should be postmarked within 20 days to avoid a late fee
  • If paying in person, go to the Department of Transportation Services. Tickets must be paid through cash, check, money order, credit card in your name only (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), or an RU Express Card.

Appeals can be made online within 10 days of ticket issuance. Click the “citations tab” and “appeal citation” to proceed with appeals.

Who do I contact if I get locked out of my car or need help with a jumpstart?

The Rutgers University Police Department offers assistance with both car lockouts and jumpstarts. For more information, check here.

How do I get around campus? How do I master the bus system?

Bus System

Most people get around campus via bus. Download the Rutgers app to see bus routes, stops, and schedules. You can also go by car, bike, or walk.

Where can I check for updates on whether or not the university is closed during inclement weather?

You can check the Rutgers Operating Status website and its social media sites for updates.

Where are the commuter lounges located?

There are two lounges: one in Busch Student Center and the other in Douglass Student Center. For more information about our lounges, go to the “About Us” page.

Other places to hang out and study include the libraries, quiet lounges in the student centers, and food courts.

Are there any public computers in the lounges?

Public computers with Internet access are only available in the Busch commuter lounge.

Is there a microwave and/or fridge anywhere on campus?

All student centers have microwaves. The Busch commuter lounge also has a microwave and a fridge to store food. There is a kitchen next to the Douglass Commuter Lounge.

Are there any meal plans for commuters?

Yes, Rutgers offers two additional meal plans for commuter and off-campus students. The first plan offers 75 meal swipes and allows students to use it up to 5 times per week. The second plan offers 50 meal swipes and allows students to use it up to 3 times per week.

Both plans offer the same flexibility as traditional meal plans, including 10 guest swipes! Meal plans can be added at any time during the semester. Contact the RU Express/Board Plan Office or check out the website.

Is there any place where can I store my belongings on campus?

There are free commuter lockers in the College Ave and Douglass Student Centers.

Is there anywhere that I can print/copy/fax documents and other materials?

Yes, all Rutgers libraries and computing labs allow you to use their printing services. Every Rutgers student has $30 worth of free printing, so take advantage of it! Access all available locations here.

What percentage of the student body commutes? Is it hard to make friends as a commuter student?

Commuter and off-campus population combined, over 57%. You can make friends by visiting commuter lounges, getting involved through clubs and organizations, and attending events.

How can I get involved on campus as a commuter?

Go to the GetInvolved page to check for organizations, recreational classes, upcoming events, and sports clubs. There are over 600 organizations on campus, and you’ll definitely find something that you can accommodate into your schedule as a commuter.

Can I stay overnight with a friend on campus? Where would I park?

Of course! Just make sure your friend is okay with it. You can park in any of the overnight lots that are permitted with your permit. Check your specific permit under Student Parking Lots at the bottom of the page and overnight lots will be listed under 6PM-8AM.

Where do I get updates from RCSA about upcoming events and meetings, and receive commuter tips?

You can get our quickest updates from our social media websites that are listed on our “Home” page on the right sidebar. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Our handle is @RUCommuter across all platforms. Check our website calendar for meetings and events. Our Commuter Tips are available on our Facebook page under Photo Albums.

Whom can I speak with to answer any of my other Rutgers student/commuter related questions?

You can contact RCSA by phone or email for any general commuter related questions. For questions related to parking, contact RUDOTS.

Is there an office of commuter services and/or a commuter student advisor? What services do they provide?

The Student Involvement Office in the basement of the Student Activities Center. Visit this website and go to Commuter Resources.

Resources: Commuter lounges, commuter lockers, microwaves, kitchens, RCSA

What are the perks of being a commuter student? How is my life going to be different from a resident student?

Better mobility during the evenings and on weekends, and living in the comfort of your own home. No room and board fees (~$8k).