About Us

The Rutgers Commuter Student Association (formerly Off-Campus Students’ Association) is an inclusive volunteer student organization whose primary role is to serve commuter students’ needs and interests while building a community on campus. RCSA promotes commuter student integration into the larger Rutgers population through programming and advocacy with other student organizations, committees and departments.


Questions? Contact us at information.rcsa@gmail.com.

Commuter Lounge

Our Busch lounge for commuter students is located in the Busch Student Center, Room 171.01

In this lounge you will find:

  • A microwave to heat up your food
  • A refrigerator to store your food
  • Computers with internet access
  • A TV for all to enjoy
  • Plenty of comfortable seating

The RCSA Busch lounge is a great place to hang out in your free time, or in between classes!

The lounge is open from 10AM-8PM (Monday-Thursday) and 10AM-5PM (Friday).

Administrative Adviser

The administrative adviser is a part of student affairs and is responsible for making sure the organization follows Rutgers guidelines.


Susan Romano

Executive Leadership Team

The executive board is responsible to oversee progress and overall maintenance of the executive committee, as well as acting as the official or interim spokesperson for the organization. The executive board also holds authority regarding long term initiatives and executive decisions, at the discretion of the executive committee and the Administrative Advisor.


Sruti Madhusudhan

Soundarya Nattuva

Vice President
Soundarya Nattuva

Danial Chowdhury

Danial Chowdhury

Prachi Bhuptani

Prachi Bhuptani

Events Team

The RCSA Events Committee is responsible for coordinating social programs to promote the integration of commuter students into the Rutgers University community. The RCSA Events Committee facilitates connections between commuter students and other departments at the University and promotes RCSA as a home on campus for commuter students.

Questions? Contact the RCSA Events Committee at events.rcsa@gmail.com.


Senior Events Chair
Abhishek Modoor


Senior Events Chair
Ashwin Krishna


Events Chair
Harshi Atchakala


Events Chair
Jade Alexander


Events Chair
Amanda Siriram


Events Chair
Sushmitha Nattuva


Events Chair
Forrest Smith


Events Chair
Sree Sudharshan


Events Chair
Shyam Patel


Events Chair
Tamiyan Nasir

Initiatives Team

The RCSA Initiatives Committee is responsible for student advocacy and fundraising for RCSA. The Initiatives Committee works to identify areas of concern for commuter students and advocate for ways to improve the commuter student experience. The Initiatives Committee works to develop collaborations with other organizations and campus departments to enrich the student experience.

Questions? Contact the RCSA Initiatives Committee at initiatives.rcsa@gmail.com.

Adeel Ahmed

Senior Initiatives Chair
Adeel Amhed


Senior Initiatives Chair
Albert Kraus


Initiatives Chair
Gabriel Colley


Initiatives Chair
Kranthi Mandava


Initiatives Chair
Nimit Jogani


Initiatives Chair
Nour Elasmar


Initiatives Chair
Pranav Conda


RUSA Chair
Cristina Torres Lugo

Marketing Team

The RCSA Public Relations Committee is responsible for all marketing and publicity aspects of RCSA. This committee oversees all social media platforms on behalf of RCSA and manages the RCSA website. The PR Committee creates posters and flyers for all events and programs. The Public Relations Committee is also responsible for taking photographs at each RCSA event. The RCSA PR Committee is responsible for outreach to commuter students and to answer student questions regarding RCSA and Rutgers University. Outreach is achieved most commonly through Commuter Connection tabling events at the University.

Questions? Contact the RCSA Public Relations Committee at marketing.rcsa@gmail.com.


Senior Public Relations Chair
Yelani Warusawithana

Colleen Au

Senior Public Relations Chair
Colleen Au


Public Relations Chair
Haliza Halim


Public Relations Chair
Tosin Fadahunsi


Public Relations Chair
Kavya Kanthan


Public Relations Chair
Raaga Rambhatla


Public Relations Chair
Gaby Alvarez